30 October 2010 0 Comments

¿Got dinero? please help keep the phones on for four more days…

My treasurer reminded me to send a Budget Update and ask again for
your financial support.

Here’s what we need and could do:

Urgently needed:
$250 keeps the campaign phones on these last few days of the
election, otherwise we’ll be dead in the water

$200 keeps the volunteers fed and watered on Election day

$50 treats the tricksters out on Hallow’s Eve

Added bonus:
$120 pays for 12 hours of poll working labor
$8800 covers all 74 polls and puts lots of people to work for a
brief, yet good cause.

This type of campaign can be won at the polls on election day – every
hand we get a card into gets us closer to success.  Further the
movement to change the system, donate today!

Give a little, get a lot….better representation!

It’s not too late!