A Biblical Quiz

- Updated March 12, 2019

I’ve mentioned it earlier than but it surely most likely bears repeating that the second you query the bona-fides of any a part of the Bible you’ve got to query the lot. So listed here are a couple of questions of mine which if reality be identified might simply be expanded to monograph lengths.

MONOTHEISM vs. POLYTHEISM: The Bible is meant to be the inspiration on which monotheism rests, but there are a whole bunch of references to the truth of ‘different gods’ in Biblical texts.

Quiz query: Why do the Bible and God (who is definitely quoted) give credibility to the existence of ‘different gods’ and due to this fact the truth of polytheism?

CONTRADICTIONS: The Bible says each ‘love your enemies’ and ‘smite your enemies’. So which is it to be? Within the first chapter of Genesis, God created beasts earlier than man; within the second chapter of Genesis, man was created earlier than the beasts. Sigh.

Quiz query: Why is the Bible contradictory on these and different points if it had in the end only one holy creator (albeit a variety of scribes)?

WHEN WAS “IN THE BEGINNING”? There appears to be a discrepancy between the Rock of Ages, and the ages of rocks. It was as soon as frequent data, calculated by these apparently certified to take action, that in keeping with the Bible, “At first” was mounted at 4004 BCE, and if reminiscence serves, it was additionally mounted right down to the precise month, date and time. Now the Earth’s “At first” is dated again to roughly four.5 billion years BCE; the Universe’s (Heaven’s) “At first” goes again farther than that to roughly 13.7 billion years BCE. There’s a quite massive anomaly right here Unicorn Backgrounds.

Quiz query: Why is that?

CAUSALITY “IN THE BEGINNING”: Genesis states fairly clearly that God created (prompted) the universe – heaven and earth. Due to this fact God should have existed previous to something and every part else having existence. But if causality has any that means, any trigger, like God, is the impact of a earlier trigger.

Quiz query: If God created the Universe, what, or who, created (prompted) God? If God has at all times existed, then God’s infinitely outdated. In that case, an infinite period of time needed to move earlier than His creation of our Universe – which is an absurdity. How is it that you simply exist for an infinite period of time and the get then impulsively get this vibrant thought or urge to create a Universe? What was God doing the ‘day’ earlier than He created our Universe?

DAY OF REST: At first, over a six day interval, God created this, that and the following factor, or in a extra fashionable flip of phrase, ‘life, the universe and every part’. On the seventh day God took the time without work and rested (what He did on the eighth, ninth, tenth, and many others. day is not recorded).

Quiz query: If God is all , why did God have to relaxation on the seventh day?

ALL-POWERFUL: Whereas on the theme of God being omnipotent, certainly there are logical limitations to that energy.

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