25 May 2012 0 Comments

A Preliminary Proposal for Occuping the Elections

in some places “street heat” has already been shut down (like Texas) where protesting costs money and requires a permit that is not cheap and can be refused (1st amendment doesn’t fly in the 5th Circuit Court) Besides, most ppl aren’t ready to break the law yet, as we’ve found since the local crackdown in 2006.

We need new strategies for these times. what they are will likely come from a younger generation…think outside the box, what hasn’t been possible or done before?

I personally would like to see a concerted organizing effort focused around election day that does one of three things depending on the law in that state regarding elections focused mainly on those who don’t vote as those who do are too set in their ways or will pick up on this movement and join in.

Occupy Government/Occupy Elections

The purpose is to have a third world country voter turnout on election day. With the purpose of Occupying the Elections combined with a Election Day Strike – don’t go to work, go to the polls and take people with you so there is a protest style contingent outside every poll where “poll workers” would be educating on the strategy and why, hopefully gathering others to the “protest” before or after they vote.

3 types of states:
1. those who have third parties (or can get ballot access over the summer – go petition now)
2. those who don’t but have a write-in option (some like TX have both, but write-ins have to file in advance to be counted)
3. those who have neither

In each one the common thread is setting up phone/email/txt banking through gathering contact information (NationBuilder has great software at somewhat reasonable price) from now until election day.

In states #1, eligible voters would vote for anyone but a D & R for President (and elsewhere of course)

In #2 states, eligible voters vote for “official” write-in candidates where filed, or if allowed, “unofficial” ones

In both cases the folks outside would do an exit poll – a vital component to ensuring more accurate results get published far and wide

in #3 States, the only option would be a boycott – don’t vote, and a tally (like exit poll) kept of those who come to boycott and poll workers would encourage those coming to vote to boycott and why.

If successful, the results WOULD do many things, 1. show the world that we do value democracy as those in other countries who are willing to die for the right to vote, 2. get a more accurate accounting of vote counts, 3. send a message that will be unavoidable, and 4. elect people to office who aren’t part of the corporate duopoly.