katija gruene


painting of woman wearing a blue and white gown with a red and white striped train from the waist flowing across the bottom half of the canvas

“Independico” – by Alicia Spence Alvarez

katija gruene was a Co-chair and at-large State Executive Committee member of the Green Party of Texas for a decade and has dedicated herself to expanding access to the Texas electoral process for the past fifteen years.

Diligent grassroots efforts resulted in historic outcomes in katija’s first two political races. In 2007, katija earned 30 percent of votes in her bid for San Antonio City Council District 1—she earned 70 percent of votes in San Antonio’s historic King William and Monte Vista Districts and performed comparably well in adjacent precincts with high-propensity voters. In her 2010 bid for a Bexar County Commissioner seat, katija earned 19 percent of votes in a partisan two-candidate race against a long-seated career Democrat.

Before becoming the first Green Party candidate to run for San Antonio’s City Council in 2007, katija served as Co-facilitator for Clean Money San Antonio, a successful campaign to change San Antonio’s campaign finance rules. In 2001, a Blue Ribbon Commission investigation resulted in reasonable contribution limits being set for City Council and Mayoral races.

katija’s training in nonviolent communication and peer counseling complement her political aspirations, and build upon a 20-year career in business administration. During her twenty years in that industry, she worked for small businesses, co-ops, and non-profit organizations focusing on reducing costs while increasing benefits and services. katija is a graduate of Southside High School in San Antonio, and attended San Antonio College, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Mount Holyoke College for computer and pre-med studies.

Up until 2011, when rehab from car accident injuries took precedence, she was working towards her Bachelor’s of Communication (Public Relations) at Grand Canyon University to ultimately become a public school teacher.

For the last four years she has been navigating the supposed social safety-net and legal system in an attempt to survive and find a way to recover from serious injuries.

“I had a sense that the system was completely flawed, but now, having needed to navigate it to survive, I know it is so broken a new approach is vital. This is why I support a Guaranteed Income even more and a complete overhaul of the legal system that protects corporate assets over all.  The medical system is also deeply flawed at the fundamental roots of education.  Doctors are still being taught outdated science and not being taught much that could further the health and welfare of our people.  I have been privileged to have access to acupuncture, chinese medicine, yoga, and gi gong at my charity community clinic, and cutting edge physical therapy at another clinic that takes Medicaid. If i had not been able to move to Austin, TX, I would not have this same access anywhere else in Texas, and that is a sad statement on the state of health care in this country.”

katija has been an advocate for single-payer health care and complementary medicine for over 20 years.