27 September 2010 0 Comments

Busy Day – La Raza y Pagan Pride

Todos somos esperanza!

Last night Carlos Guerra spoke on the realities of discrimination – it doesn’ t matter how you are discriminated against, it has the same impact on the individual and on society.

Today I visited with people from el movimiento por La Raza who Rocked the Vote and down the highway, the Pagan community who held a festival – Pagan Pride Day.  Two groups who face discrimination still after centuries/millennia of oppression.

If those elected, with their positions of  power, have not addressed the needs of your community, please unite to get them out of office – FIRE them with your VOTE!

We could have better educational opportunities and sustainable growth and development with a participatory economy, locally grown food, clean air and uncontaminated water, and well-paid meaningful jobs.  We only need to elect people who want the community to participate in government decision-making and will do whatever it takes to implement the best option for the whole, not just one segment of society.

Before I ramble on, let me say that I am deeply appreciative of all whom I met today who are putting their time, talent, energy, and money to accomplish these goals; including Anja, the German Green who comes to SA and pays to volunteer at the public library.  United we will prevail!

The People United Will Never Be Defeated  –  ¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

UNITE!               VOTE!

Green Party – Partido Verde

for Peace & Justice – por Paz y Justicia