30 October 2010 0 Comments

Calaveras to old school Government

The time has come to lay aside the old school and bring in the new.

Join kat’s Calaveras Block Party on Sunday, Oct. 31, 5-7pm

One block off Calaveras/Buckeye at 1522 W Elsmere Pl

Treat the tricksters…Dress for the weather


Calavera 2010His passing,
I’ve distracted myself from feeling it
Sad it took so long achieve part of his goal – equality for all
Glad he died in his partner’s arms
Loved to the end and beyond
A life worth living

Sad his death certificate said “never married”
When he had been for 36 years
His Calavera watches still
Watching to see the inhumanity end
Sadness compounded with disrespect
It must end
The old school Government …. may you rest in Peace

This summer culminated in the successful completion of part of my brother’s life’s work to get LGBT rights covered in the Texas Democratic Party’s platform. As a founder of Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio and an activist for as long as I’ve been alive, Roberto Flores has left us a legacy worth living up to.
We must support the candidates who will represent the whole community and not just a select few in order to see substantive change in our government.  Government is not just the Governor or the President.  The Government is we the People, not the corporations we can create.The old school promised much, changed skin color, added another gender, spent our money, spun a great propaganda machine, consolidated power, and put us all in debt, yet for what?

This too shall become a Calavera.  When the people take time to vote for people they know will represent the community well.

Get out the Vote…to vote for people, not parties.

kat swift
Candidate for County Commissioner Pct. 2