Corporate Elections

The Democrat and Republican Parties (individual members can be exceptions to what I post here) have their methods of manipulating and controlling the electoral process in the United States that has led us to a mere semblance of democracy, which we’ve never had – we now have a corporate plutocracy/oligarchy disguised as a republic.

Recently, I have had first hand experience with two of their modus operendi (MO) to obstruct democracy.

The Republicans use “bait and switch”  – like when they campaign as fiscal conservatives then give their friends private contracts through legislation that cost taxpayers more than if the government did it.

The Democratic Party uses propaganda lies and litigation to keep competition off the ballot – they love the “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” axiom, and use corporate money to litigate candidates and parties off the ballot across the country.

The Green Party has routinely been on the receiving end of these routine MOs in the D & R attempts to continue to disenfranchise voters to create more apathy and thereby less voters at the polls and to keep the voices of non-corporate citizens out of the media and thereby the public debate.

Before the Greens, there were other parties who fell to these machinations.  Most recently in Texas, La Raza Unida Party fell to Democratic Party blockades of the ballot in 1967ish.  We follow their struggle to change the ballot access laws and secure a ballot line for citizen public servants.

Currently there is a case before the appellate court on what looks to be obvious election fraud on the part of Travis County Elections.  As the plaintiff has traveled across Texas, she has found NO county in Texas is following the law for electronic voting.  This is huge.