14 August 2015 0 Comments

Formerly Known As – fka

Unless you have been in my closest circle of family by choice, you likely only have known me as “kat swift”.

I have wanted to legally change my name ever since I can remember, and recently, after much discussion with advisers, and research into the process in Texas, I have decided to finally put an end to this “swift” thing.

Here’s the short of it:

The Swift name comes from my father and his father before him.  Both of them were alcoholic incestuous pedophiles – never arrested nor convicted.  I have never wanted to be associated with those men by carrying their surname. This grandfather also chose my first birth name.

The long of the new name is:

When I was born there were five generations of women.  The eldest was my Great Great Grandmother, Stella Green, later Crick, whom I was privileged to know.  I am taking her first married name with the “Rhine” region spelling – gruene.  My new first name, katija, will merely be a different version of my birth name.

I have been using this name for over fifteen years with my qwee burner rainbow families, so it isn’t that new, just new to the rest of the world.

So now you know…

…and will from now know me as:

katija gruene…