9 October 2016 0 Comments

Got Gentrification?

We all want our neighborhoods to be healthy and walkable; safe for everyone, but while gentrification accomplishes these things on the surface, at the core they remove the people in the neighborhood and import people from elsewhere with higher incomes.

The rapid gentrification of Austin, especially East of I35, is primarily due to a bill passed by the State Legislature called the Homestead Preservation Act – sounds great right? Except that it is named in an Orwellian way – it means the opposite.

The incumbent, my ONLY opponent, supported this legislation and helped usher in the removal of existing communities to be replaced with high wage-earning transplants from around the country.

So much for Keeping Austin Weird.

But we can change that by ousting the incumbents who brought this to bear – vote for individuals, skip Straight-Party, and usher in a future we can thrive under collectively – not just those who have the money.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Nov 8.