15 June 2012 1 Comment

Govt harassment -for the record

ok folks
i’m not one for conspiracies nor to talk about what i’m about to, it’s scary and i wouldn’t want to drive people away from their citizen duties of political engagement.
however, it’s time to lay it down.
cointelpro still exists in some new manifestation w/some new agency and name
i’ve just kept doing my patriotic duty regardless
of the technological, psychological, physical, etc. attacks.
i’ve known, since Shaq 7 (animal rights activists) in early 2000s were grand juried, that my phone conversations are being recorded due to my close association w/EF! comrades who, when subpoena’d, sat and listened to his phone conversations being played in court.
i know Bill Holloway’s (Austin) bodyguard was out of town for family emergency when Bill was found dead in his home two weeks after another HUD corruption activist was found dead of the same cause in Houston.
there’s more but i’m skipping the email, internet, job, phone difficulties i’ve tolerated and cussed about for over a decade, they’ve escalated recently….
it took me a long while to recover after Bill’s death…and i didn’t “do” anything for what was there to do?
how else do u fight these nameless bastards except to keep going ..and i did.
i’ve run against a former HUD director’s wife when no one else credible would.
i’ve run against the Godfather of Bexar county politics when no one else credible would.
and i say none of this for props…it’s where i live and how i get media/public attention for Green Party ideas.
i got sued for gaining ballot access (promise to Bill no less) for associating with “republicans,” it is well known that i work w/anyone to further the cause of actually obtaining freedom and democracy.
it’s theoretically possible my car accident was not an accident, based on several factors.
i brushed the thot aside until now, in no small part due to the extent of my injuries.
so now i’m telling you all about this stuff i’ve kept close, cause it’s “crazy talk” to anyone who hasn’t experienced the harrassment.  i even feel crazy saying this out loud, but public space is the best place to voice one’s deepest fears, for if they are more than a result of paranoia, you are all witnesses in advance.
my only protection is in being public about this and even then…
this is not meant to frighten or worry anyone, but fyi and my peace of mind.  thx for listening, will keep posting and raging against the machine