5 November 2010 0 Comments

Green Party has ballot line in 2012…putting lies to rest…

The LoneStart Report* claims that the Green Party may now become spoiler for Democratic races.

If Democrats really wanted to stick it to the Republicans….they would have told everyone to vote Green in Comptrollers’ race so between the two and the Libertarian vote, Combs would have lost and we’d have control of the Budget….guess we’re too fiscal conservative for those DEms, or maybe they have some issue with our Environmental stance…perhaps it is our democracy reforms…what do you think? (Registration is only required to “comment” so I can keep from being flooded with spam)

My comment below was submitted in response to the above article, let’s see if they approve it…
What race did the Green Party spoil in 2010?
If you are really concerned, help us convince someone to file legislation & lobby to get a law in 2011 that implements Approval Voting (scorevoting.org) and this will never-ever be a problem we have to waste bandwidth on.
Approval Voting is a simple method of preferential voting (you get multiple choices for each race) where you can express both approval and disapproval of each candidate.  It works with any voting mechanism. It is more democratic and representative of the entire community.

**Revision 12/16/11: after reviewing voting methods more, I recommend Range Voting instead of ‘Approval’ voting.

*a corporate website promoting the Democratic Party that is done as an independent expenditure, made possible with thanks to “corporate personhood” rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCotUS) that make money equivalent to free speech and declare that corporations have the same rights as you and I, including the right to vote with dollars.