1. Why are you running for office?

To overgrow the government. We the people must claim our democracy from the inherently flawed system that is designed to support the status quo. Easily fixable flaws include: straight ticket voting; electronic voting machines with no verifiable paper trail; plurality voting; money in politics; bogus rules at the state level that prevent people from running for office; primary system, and the improbability of taking over the govt. from within the corporate party duopoly, etc.

2. What are your top issues?

a) Vote Integrity & Electoral Reform: Approval Voting; Hand-Counted Paper Ballots; Public funding of campaigns and elections; elimination of Straight-ticket voting; binding “None of the Above” option in all races; nationally standardized, free and equal, ballot access.

b) Single-Payer Healthcare: include medical school training reform; removing pharmaceutical control of healthcare; and incorporating wellness, nutrition, and complementary/holistic medicine.

c) Socio-Economic Inequality: Guaranteed Income (provide a base income for citizens to become active citizens and thereby reducing welfare bureaucracy).

3. What is the biggest issue facing House District 51 right now?

Gentrification and the corporate control of public resources – e.g., elections, water – privatization and large city theft of other counties’ water supplies