Electoral Reforms

Putting integrity & democracy into our elections and voting booths

  • Implement livestreamed, video-monitored hand-counted paper ballots counted in the polling location
    • currently giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars each election cycle to private corporations who control our ballot boxes and have sole access to the software that counts our votes
    • currently we have no ability to recount or verify software is working properly
    • costly to maintain – must buy new hardware and software
  • Reforms:
    • Implement Approval voting to eliminate costly run-offs with best science-based outcome of preferential voting systems (Center for Election Science)
    • Remove Straight Ticket option and “Top Two” system
    • Public Financing of campaigns and elections to eliminate the power of the wealthy to easily control who the candidates are
    • Binding NOTA (none of the above) option in every race – to eliminate de facto election of career politicians and a reason to vote when all the candidates suck
    • unified free and equal ballot access
    • equal & free air time for all candidates on public airwaves