Welfare of ALL Texans

The welfare of every person, animal, and environment in Texas must take precedence over all.

To this end I support in no particular order:

  • a state-based universal health care system (since Federal Govt has not given us anything useful)
  • ending institutional acceptance of violence against women and children
  • setting up systems of support for women and children
  • environmental sustainability over profit
  • decentralization of power, examples:
    • repeal legislation that prohibits cities from enacting bans on fracking/plastic bags/anything that cuts into corporate profits over welfare of public
    • moving to community-policing models that simultaneously demilitarize and end racism of police forces
  • a basic income guarantee
  • equalizing access to education such that poor communities get the same education as wealthy ones
  • Exerting more control over the TNRCC that has been a rubber-stamp agency for industry for decades (at least) and allowed the deliberate pollution of air, water, and soil across the state
  • Rename the RailRoad Commissioner to reflect what that office regulates: natural resources of oil, gas, uranium, and coal
  • nonpartisan redistricting of the state districts
  • voter-verifiable elections
  • establishing a living wage to replace the minimum wage
  • institutionalizing education such that we are teaching our youth how to learn, how to be critical thinkers, how their bodies and minds work based on current science and theories, and eliminate teaching to the test
  • instituting Approval or Range Voting in all elections
  • end give-aways to and luring of corporations who take advantage of our workers and environment
  • and more….