31 August 2016 0 Comments

keeping up with kat

Despite having WordPress installed on my phone, I continue to favor twitter and facebook: campaign page and Profile for getting out issues and current events.

It has been an odd election cycle, thus far, have only received one survey request – usually by now, even Green candidates get at least five or six.  I have not received a link to that one yet, and when i do, it will get posted here along with any others that i receive.

I am serving as cochair for Travis County and Secretary for the State Party so i have been quite busy outside of my campaign, much to my campaign’s detriment.

I would appreciate any questions anyone has about where i stand on an issue and i will get a response up as quickly as possible.

Electoral Reforms are my main push, but so also is the welfare of every resident of Texas.  I believe the latter is of most import.