4 November 2015 0 Comments

ppl who believe you want genocide of a people because you support BDS of an apartheid state

“Just get it over and kill all the Jews once and for all.” She* said, to my shock and horror.

“yikes!!” i replied.

“Isn’t that what you want?? Jew are evil and Palestinians are victims? True?”, was the reply.

my retort:

the thought offends my ethics.

“evil” is subjectively loaded to herd the population controlled with the word.

victims of the 1%, for lack of a more concise word, we are all.


. …tbc…

No, I don’t want the Jews exterminated nor any other human beings.  I want every being to have the freedom to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Need I say more?

*posted on my public facebook profile in response to a piece about CT AFLCIO endorsing BDS of the current State of Israel