15 August 2010 0 Comments

Reasons to Run for Commissioner

My sole opponent is a 24yr incumbent. His website as of today (August 15, 2010) does not have any issues posted despite starting his campaign in November of last year (2009). He feels secure in keeping his seat without going to the people. He believes you will elect him because of his name, his incumbency, and/or his political party label. Perhaps he counts on the masses not finding out that he has an opponent.

He’s part of the group of politicians who have made a fortune off the taxpayers ($103k/yr salary + $6k/yr car allowance) and gives lipservice to the voters. Nothing he has done in 24yrs has made the county government more responsible to the public good or fiscally responsible in doing their work. (if he has, i can’t find it anywhere!)

His campaign announcement says he still has “the passion for public service and a desire to effect change.” What change has he effected in my lifetime (he’s been an elected official since I was 5yrs old)?

“I am proud to say, I have helped usher Bexar County government into the 21st century,” he continued. What does this mean? Is he referring to his approving the purchase of electronic voting machines that are owned by corporations and provide no ability for recounts or proof or not of vote tampering? If that is what he is talking about, then yes, he has ushered us further into 21st century corporatocracy – rule by corporations not the people.

His rhetorical jargon is meaningless and without action to back it up.

I have spent the last decade actively working to protect air & water quality in San Antonio (various local coalitions), getting voters the ability to trust the ballot box (voterescue.org), reforming campaign finance laws (Clean Money SA working w/SA’s Blue Ribbon Commission) to prevent the wealthy and transnational corporations from participating in democracy (MoveToAmend.org), opening up the ballot so other choices are available to the voters, implementing Approval Voting (rangevoting.org), and many more systemic changes that need to be implemented to give us the democracy we were promised in school.

As your county commissioner, I will take this work with me and ensure that all of my votes go to ensuring we have a county we are able live in and raise future generations who will be healthy and well educated with meaningful work waiting for them. This is a radical move from where we are now: poor air quality, rising childhood obesity and diabetes, prisons instead of schools, and low-wage service jobs to look forward to.