3 November 2011 2 Comments

Occupy the TX Ballot in 2012

A suggested parallel Occupation to Wall Street, Together – A Proposal in Progress (Heard NY is working on the same thing):

Challenging the  system has to be multifaceted.

So one facet that can be added, to the direct action in the streets, is running for office against every elected official, in 2012, who is not for the people.

The goal is to expose all of those who have been making policy decisions that are counter to the aims of the OWS movement by using the platforms given to candidates to talk about issues.

This is done by getting on the ballot. There are many avenues, some easier than others.

One way is to file as a D or R in the primaries (in TX before Dec 11) and challenge them there, but the scope of influence is likely to be low reward for effort.

Another way is to be a write-in, very little impact in most places, but best last resort due to late filing deadlines!

Another option is to find another party that is in line with your beliefs and has ballot access and file with them.

In Texas, the Green Party and Libertarian Parties have ballot access.

For both, you’d have to file by Jan. 2 to be on the convention ballot.  In the Green Party, you have to win against ‘none of the above’ to get on the General Election Ballot.

Either way, you’d have all this time to talk about your issues in venues of all sorts just by virtue of being a candidate.  It’s another tool in the toolbox.

It ads a couple of forms, over the course of a year, to your already existing activism, and, if you choose, gives you a tax-free, fundraising mechanism to fund your activism.

We’ve see the Police* around the States, and in other countries, use riot gear on those who are calling out for the end of rule by the “1%.”

There is still a glimmer of light coming through that hole being held open by Occupiers and their associated movements.

Let’s make it bigger and fully open the blinds.

Media and civic organizations take candidates seriously if they are serious and talking about issues.

This is a way to get more voices and choices heard during what can become a very exciting election year!

This is yet another Venue to reach the the 47% who haven’t yet heard that the time is NOW.

Filing Deadline in TX is Jan 2, 2012 for the Nov. 2012 General Election, December 12, 2011 for D&R Primaries.

Regardless of your vehicle of ballot access, we do recommend filing for an office that has the ability to change the laws that affect the issue(s) you are most passionate about!

More details available upon request, or by a search.

*Since it was violent, I chose not to link to the scenes of riot police attacking residents on the streets in Oakland, and other cities.

An Intro Pitch for Why to Consider the Green Party as your vehicle:

The Green Party Platform speaks to the very issues being brought forth by the OWS movement, with which we have been and do stand en solidaridad.

The whole point of the Green Party in the United States is to give justice advocates an electoral reach as a last ditch effort to prevent the fascist (corporate-controlled government) from finally taking hold so we can all create a better system in a Decentralized, Consensus-Based, Egalitarian, Non-Violent and Participatory Government that enables all Nature to thrive for Seven Generations or more.

So, think this sounds worth investigating, please check the state and/or national Green Party platform on issues. If you find yourself in agreement with all or most of it, we welcome you to consider using the Green vehicle to file as a candidate.