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Freedom from Corporatocracy

@bexarkat: taken from where I live, the name Béjar is of pre-Roman origin. The original form was Bigerra and is said to mean "place of the beehives." "Béjar" could be an adaption from the Spanish word abeja, which means "bee." An older spelling of the city's name is Béxar.

22 September 2009 1 Comment

Our Nuclear Mayor Castro

Welcome to the first day of fall – it is cool and breezy and even rainy – a stark change from yesterday in San Antonio. Yet there is no stark change in our Nuclear Mayor. Last night Nuclear Mayor Castro declared that he had made up his mind on the nuclear option for CPS Energy’s […]

12 August 2009 1 Comment

Public Hearing part 2 – Nuclear Si o No

Day two of the City of San Antonio’s “public hearing” on CPS’ plan for nuclear energy uber alles! Citizens had from 1p-2p to sign up to speak – it’s a Wednesday during a work week. Citizens were given 3 minutes to speak – great! from 2-4pm (still in work hours) There are 40 people here, […]

10 August 2009 0 Comments

Nuclear Reactors – We Need More of them – public hearing

so they say. san antonio public utility, CPS Energy, has decided that we need new nuclear power generation reactors to join the two existing ones in bay city, texas. We’ll not get into the disastrous fiasco the building of them was… This is the FIRST permit request to build a new nuclear reactor in almost […]

22 September 2008 0 Comments

Use empty TV channels to connect millions of people to the Internet

I thought you might be interested in joining the campaign to provide millions of Americans with high-speed Internet access. Unless we speak out to our congressional representatives, large telephone and cable companies will continue to deny Internet access to millions who cannot access the information superhighway. Please visit the URL below to check out what’s […]

18 September 2008 0 Comments

Bill before Congress re Credit Cards

Within days Congress is expected to vote on a bill that will help head off another credit crisis — stopping abusive credit card tactics that can drive us all into financial trouble. As we struggle with this economy, credit card companies are exploiting every opportunity to jack up interest rates on credit cards for no […]