5 November 2010 0 Comments

Green Party has ballot line in 2012…putting lies to rest…

The LoneStart Report* claims that the Green Party may now become spoiler for Democratic races. If Democrats really wanted to stick it to the Republicans….they would have told everyone to vote Green in Comptrollers’ race so between the two and the Libertarian vote, Combs would have lost and we’d have control of the Budget….guess we’re […]

16 September 2010 1 Comment

This just in…stop the theft of water by corporatations

This from Independent Texans: Water marketers are swooping in across the state to take advantage of the existing anarchy of Texas water policy, commodifying water in a modern day a gold rush. But most Texans get it, that water is not a commodity, it is a natural resource, and it’s sinful to squander it. Most […]