4 August 2015 0 Comments

updates, postings, and polls

greetings green revolutionaries

I recently returned from the Green Party annual national meeting (ANM) in St. Louis where i had some awesome transformative exchanges with current PotUS candidates, new green leaders, and longtime comrades.

Several of us identified some problem areas that we hope to address in the party structure and participant interactions.  Please comment below if you have any concerns to add or want to be part of the solution(s).

A quick note on my new site process:

I have finally (thanks to Jose Contreras in WI) set up my votekat.org site to automatically post to my fb page, in addition to twitter which autoposts to my fb profile.  Partially this is an effort to spend less time on fb and more time doing the necessary work to build an alternative model of government to replace our broken system.

I may not see comments to my posts on fb or twitter, so please come back to my site to comment!

In response to some rumors and conversations i had, I put up a poll for you all to vote on.

Check it out!

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