4 November 2016 0 Comments

Vestigages of White Supremacy in TX election practices/code

1.  Straight-ticket Voting – ignore the fact that no party can control every candidate’s nomination and some people run on the ticket they think will win the straight ticket that year, and just think for a moment about the reality that you are not looking into who you are casting votes for by voting straight-ticket.

Then think about how this tactic began.  When poll tax and literacy tests were made illegal.  “Oh, you never voted before and u dont understand the ballot, just vote straight ticket democrat”, was the training given to poll pimps and pushers who wanted the brown and black to back the blue to separate themselves from their racism and segregation of power.

2. 5% to be considered real/valid

3. requirement to run at top of ticket successfully to exist

all these remnants of ballot access suppression are rooted in the destruction of La Raza Unidad party (as told to me in a personal conversation with Carlos Guerra de Kingsville, Partido de LRU activist & organizer, & 1st Latinx journalist at a metro newspaper of record)

Supporting Straight ticket is founded in colonization mentality – “dont educate lest the best us at our own game.”

At the Dems say, those “taco bowls” are generationally loyal.  Exploitation of culture to keep you voting for the lesser evil who makes promises then do the opposite.


work for a movement that reflects your values in between elections

#votegreen to support one such movement


and Live to fight another day


#Nomás no more ecocide or genocide