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Voter Guides, Video, & Resources

Am I registered and where should I vote?

You can legally take anything into the voting booth to help you vote, Voters’ Guides, printouts, marked up sample ballots, etc.  If you have ANY problems contact us at 210-471-1791 or 210-471-1756.

kat and Nic’s Sample Ballot w/annotations

*Note* where there are two ‘x’ in one race, we haven’t decided between the two.  Where there are none, we don’t know enough or don’t like either.  We tend to not vote for unopposed incumbents, however, will when that person is doing a credible job.  We advocate for “None of the Above” aka NoTA.

Scene in SA Voter Guide

League of Women Voters (LWV) Guide

KLRN/LWV forum (video)  kat starts at 29:40 – when I said “reduce inmate costs,” I meant “reduce inmate population”

**UpDATED** TURF fixed the oversight of leaving off my answers…thanks Terri Hall for following up!

TURF Voter Guide here’s just my Q&A: http://votekat.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/katswift_TURFQues.pdf

KSAT 12 Vote 2010: http://www.ksat.com/texas-elections/index.html

Doesn’t cover my race, but good info: “You be the Judge” Judicial Candidate Questionnaire

Bexar County Elections information

Texas Secretary of State