1 October 2010 0 Comments

We are now $1.2 billion more in debt

The County Commissioners made a decision in September 2010 that is unprecedented. They voted to put taxpayers in debt to the tune of $1.2 billion by approving a bond to pay for contract work at the University Hospital System.

Typically if a bond is over $100-300 million, the decision is put to the voters, as with this year’s upcoming SAISD $500 million bond vote, so we can decide whether we want to incur the debt. However, this time, County Commissioners made the decision with no citizen input.

Also, the winning contractor for this $1.2 billion (Zachary) was eliminated in the first round, yet still ended up with the contract in the end, while the strongest bidder (Skanska), who did make the first round, was eliminated.

I’m not sure whether these decisions can be overturned, but if you want to see this type of behavior stop, then I strongly suggest you vote the incumbent out.