Reparations to the 99%

More taxpayer dollars go toward Corporate Welfare than to Human Welfare.  This is easily reversible with a full system redesign based on a systems theory model instead of the existing hierarchical pyramid scheme.

1. Monetary Reform

De-privatize the Federal Reserve and create a system of Public Money for Public Good

from the GP national platform:

(for more in depth see The Monetary Institute)

2.  Human Welfare

a) Replace all existing social services with one egalitarian system with low bureaucratic overhead – Guaranteed Income:
Every adult and emancipated-minor citizen receives a
base amount of money every month that is tax exempt.
Amount would need to be calculated, but let’s say
$2000/mo for example

People would also be free to leave jobs that they hate, are killing them, are killing our living environment, etc.

b) Universal Health Care that includes all healing modalities – would also require a revamp of medical school training focused on health, not managing sickness.

c) Housing – housing needs to be a right, not a privilege.  One idea worth exploring: Housing First Model.

These things would form a base line from where all citizens would be afforded the ability to participate in the creation of a decentralized, community-based democracy-the fundamentals of which would need to be taught to the masses since we don’t have such a system yet.

d) Which leads to Education: – free and equal access for life – with the internet, this could be much easier to provide – if all had equal access to the internet.  Teachers need to be compensated commensurate with their duty to society.

3. Planetary welfare

Corporate greed is destroying our water supplies, air quality, and depleting our soil. This also negatively impacts our communities.

There are many ideas on how to do things differently, outside of the institutionalize mess we have today.  Ideas need to be explored and tried.