2 September 2016 0 Comments

Why 2 sets of records for police officers?

Happened across the news exiting #satx city hall today – when inquiry made to what covering, it was police contract.  Asked local police accountability activists and was made aware the biggest sticking point for the community was the allowing police officer’s records to be expunged (for free-private citizens pay min $1500) after two years.

Then I was informed by Debbie Russell, Sheriff Candidate in Travis County (Green Party), and #atx police accountability activist, that there are two sets of records – one of which the public cannot see, but the chiefs can.

Why?  why can the public not access this information?  Anyone can look up my record online in 5-10minutes.

This law has to change at the state level – through State House Representatives, State Senators, Lt. Governor who sets the Agenda, and the Governor who signs or vetos bills that pass through the system.

Will the candidate you will vote for on Nov 8 support changing this legislation?  If not, maybe it is time to do something completely different.

#votekat And in 2018, prepare to run for office if no one for the people will StandUP besides you!

Only 5% in a statewide race for a #Green will make that possible tho….so you know – Oust the Establishment Legislators and Vote for #Greens and #Libertarians (we agree on this issue to be certain – Accountability of Police to the People)