8 November 2016 0 Comments

why to vote for me today, and help get the other 50-60% who have not voted yet…Out to Vote 7a-7p – at any poll location in Travis County.

i refuse to support racist kkk leaders, nor am i willing to let fear drive me to support the megaindustry oligarchy’s glass ceiling breaker into the executive branch.

the glimmers of truth, and false promises that seduce, flowing like wine from a viper’s mouth, are in direct opposition to my hope for the future; for all humans who attempt to coexist in equality and cooperation.

i won’t back down for the welfare of the people – all the people for generations to come, neither in the face of corporate threats nor the efforts of the puppetmastersĀ behind the elected tools we call “the state legislature.”

if now’s not the time for radical change, then when will be?


help get out the vote today: remind your friends; go to nursing homes and give rides; hold “vote kat” signs at busy intersections; pass out fliers (call 512-330-4504, or, better yet, pop into the Green Party office at 1105 E. Sixth St.)