28 October 2010 0 Comments

Your challenge…should you decide to accept…

…is to get out the vote. ¬† IT is vital. ¬†Elections are won with votes and every single one counts.

And since we can’t afford to pay people to spread the word, we need you to get engaged!


  • Call, txt, tweet, FB, email or otherwise remind your friends and family to go vote and to vote for kat.
  • Get creative – make a short video and send it to your peeps – tell them why you are supporting kat and why it is vital for them to go and vote!
  • Volunteer to work on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov 2.
  • Volunteer to recruit volunteers.
  • Donate to help pay for gas, food and water for volunteers to be out working all day.
  • Put up flyers around your ‘hood
  • walk your neighborhood and ask them to vote for kat
  • and anything else that you can do!

Together we make a movement…Go WE go!