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Freedom from Corporatocracy

@bexarkat: taken from where I live, the name Béjar is of pre-Roman origin. The original form was Bigerra and is said to mean "place of the beehives." "Béjar" could be an adaption from the Spanish word abeja, which means "bee." An older spelling of the city's name is Béxar.

16 October 2016 0 Comments

Endorsed by LUTU

Officially endorsed by Left Up to Us Austin – the Berners who decided to focus on local races after his primary loss   Thanks LUTU!!   Their voter guide will be out soon

9 October 2016 0 Comments

Got Gentrification?

We all want our neighborhoods to be healthy and walkable; safe for everyone, but while gentrification accomplishes these things on the surface, at the core they remove the people in the neighborhood and import people from elsewhere with higher incomes. The rapid gentrification of Austin, especially East of I35, is primarily due to a bill […]

24 September 2016 0 Comments

How i Won, but Lost my First Election

I believe it was in 2001, but I could be mistaken. There was a local election for Sheriff in Bulverde, Comal County, Texas.  I saw there was an election coming up and there was a writein in field in the sheriff race.  So I rallied my base of supporters, mostly the voting age members of my […]

2 September 2016 0 Comments

Why 2 sets of records for police officers?

Happened across the news exiting #satx city hall today – when inquiry made to what covering, it was police contract.  Asked local police accountability activists and was made aware the biggest sticking point for the community was the allowing police officer’s records to be expunged (for free-private citizens pay min $1500) after two years. Then […]

31 August 2016 0 Comments

keeping up with kat

Despite having WordPress installed on my phone, I continue to favor twitter and facebook: campaign page and Profile for getting out issues and current events. It has been an odd election cycle, thus far, have only received one survey request – usually by now, even Green candidates get at least five or six.  I have […]

27 April 2016 1 Comment

A new idea for PotUS elections

For the last 16years, I have run Green Party “primaries” in Texas, from the precinct level to the State level, and participated as a voting delegate to the national presidential nominating convention.  During those years, we started with IRV (instant runoff voting), and experimented with numerous other methods, mostly for multi-seat elections, and presidential nominations. […]

25 January 2016 0 Comments

Ending White Supremacy, a convo of ideas

Racism has made a swift comeback to the fore of society.  It is no longer hidden in shadows, something only “ignorant hillbillies” do, etc., since desegregation and affirmative action. Obviously those regulations were facades of fixes. Our institutions are based in racist, sexist, ableist, etc. policies that must be dismantled, not merely regulated. (And undoing […]

20 January 2016 0 Comments

Campaign 2016 – State Rep District 51

It’s official!   I have filed for the Green Party nomination for Texas State Rep Dist 51. To vote in the Nominating convention, voters can attend the Travis County precinct conventions on March 8, 2016.  My only opponent is “NOTA” (None of the Above). Location TBD – will post more when i know where.

8 November 2015 0 Comments

what if we seized the assets of the Federal Reserve stockholders…

… implemented a time bank system tallied up all the gold, and put it into a publicly controlled 24 7 365 video live live stream surveillance with redundant backup, etc. etc., that forms the basis of an open source gold and silver exchange that ties into a time bank such that people can exchange time […]

4 November 2015 0 Comments

ppl who believe you want genocide of a people because you support BDS of an apartheid state

“Just get it over and kill all the Jews once and for all.” She* said, to my shock and horror. “yikes!!” i replied. “Isn’t that what you want?? Jew are evil and Palestinians are victims? True?”, was the reply. my retort: the thought offends my ethics. “evil” is subjectively loaded to herd the population controlled […]